New York Style Pizza vs Chicago Pizza –which one is better?

Introduction:  Both the cities of New York and Chicago have a long history that goes with pizza making and each of these cities hold on its own distinctive features with preparing the crusted pie. Even though the basic features of both the types are similar but there may be variations in the ingredients being used and to make the matters worst in differencing both the types, you might come along a pizza with a thin crust Chicago pizza and vice versa for the crust of the New York Pizza.

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Theories on the Uniqeness of the New York Styled Pizza

Differentiating them on the type of crust is not so easy as it may seem as they are so totally different – it is as if comparing a chocolate cookie with a chocolate sweet tart as both of them are desserts but each of them does have their own distinctive features that make them two different foods.


Among the preferences it is usually personal but statistical numbers have shown that because the thin crust is the one well known hence that is one most preferred and another advantage that adds to its cap is that it can be savored without the knife and fork, unlike the thick crust ones.

The real differences:

Crust –  Even though the sauces and the toppings are similar for both the difference is however in the crust. The New York Pizza has a thin crispy crust while the Chicago style pizza does have a thick crust.

Convenience–  While the New York Pizza due to its thin crust can be hand folded and be relished as a sandwich, the Chicago pizza would require you to have it using the utensils.

Toppings – NY pizza toppings are constrained to a layer of small toppings that hold to the flat top. Deep dish Chicago pizza will have several inches of depth bearing in mind many layers of well-sized toppings.

Serving –  NY pizza is historically reduced inaccessible triangles while the deep dish Chicago pizzas are cut and served in portions.

Cheese –  NY pizza contains a skinny layer of mozzarella cheese all around it while the Chicago pizzas are covered with numerous layers of a variety of cheeses.

Oil – NY pizzas are known to be oily but the Chicago pizzas are “drier”.

Researcher’s Opinion


Some of the pizza researchers have shared their opinion on both the type of pizza in a leading website and they have their own understanding of the same.

Pizza researcher Joanna Borns who was bought up in Chicago pledged her allegiance to the Chicago Pizza by stating that the New York Pizza looked like “liquid pizza” and cannot be considered a pizza after all as it is not a ‘solid’. Her first impression of the New York pizza was that of a “tomato sauce swimming pool”. After she had the New York Pizza, she was quite smitten by its taste and quoted it as “one of the best cheese pizzas she had ever had”. She clearly classifies it nothing less than a “fat pizza” and is strictly against the time consumes in the preparation.


Another researcher Mackenzie Kruvant, however, had a different opinion to the former stating that the New York Pizza is the ‘holy grail for pizza’. She had tried out the Chicago Pizza on some recommendations but she would however still prefer the NY style over the Chicago style. Her first impression was that of an “edible sports stadium”. She, however, did not seem to like it so much as understood by her quote “one slice is maximum of it” but she liked the concept that she could have it without having to make her hands dirty. She is however confused and cannot reach any firm stand for either of them just mentioning that both of them do have the components of the pizza so both of them should be considered equal and instead not compared.


Overall, it could be seen that these two types of pizza do however depend on people’s preference for pizza and their individual tastes and it cannot be universally agreed upon which one of them is the clear winner of the two.

What is New York Pizza Festival

What is New York Pizza Festival? New York Pizza Festival was an initiative taken by the local council to promote their traditional cuisine among the locals and tourists alike. It is a daylong celebration where there are various variations of pizzas are being served to the visitors to give them an insight into the rich tradition of New York in pizza making. Here you can also take part in the voting process to decide which city indeed makes the best pizza among the two primary contenders –New York and Chicago.

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Some Places Where You Can Have a Good Slice of New York Pizza in New York

Theories on the Uniqeness of the New York Styled Pizza

New York Style Pizza vs Chicago Pizza –which one is better?

Extending from pepperoni to extra cheese there is pizza of all sorts to try out here, that satisfies the taste buds of all ranges.


New York Pizza of 2017

New York Pizza
New York Pizza

The New York Pizza Festival of 2017 was being held at Brooklyn on Sept 9.


People were furious when they attended the festival due to the over-priced tickets and also the lower standards of the pizza being served.

People who had attended the festival were being served with tiny portions of the cold pie and not even enough food to justify the price of the tickets they had purchased. Many of them have also complained they have been tricked of the time they had spent to get there.

One of the visitors had bought the VIP ticket for the event for his closed one-expecting to offer her a good treat on her birthday but it turned out otherwise and clearly objectifies it as a scam.

The organizer who had been given the responsibility to promote the event even promise the consumers of several popular burger joints that would be showing up at the event but none turned up in the festival.

Later during the day, the ticket counters were being filled up the angry customers who came for the festival demanding a refund for their tickets purchased which followed up with a Facebook page dedicated to those who felt betrayed turning up at the event.

The organizers were out of contact for further comments on the event after its failure instead have sent an automatic apology email was sent from them to all the customers which read as follows:

“Untimely delivery of food delayed the fun experiences we all looked forward to this past weekend. A make-up tasting will be announced shortly. Thanks for your patience. Team Pizza Fest!”

The New York Attorney General office said they would arrange an inquiry into the NYC Pizza Festival.

New York Pizza
New York Pizza

The organizers are indeed looking forward to giving the customers a good experience in the NYC Pizza Fest 2018 but the customers had mixed opinions on whether they would be returning to the festival again while some confused and the others completely disagreeing to attend it again. As for the one in 2017 they had wanted to organize a make-up tasting but the attendees have instead demanded to be given their refunds.


Final Words

This indeed gives a good lesson that instead of looking out for festivals to try out your favorite food with your hard-earned money it would indeed be better to go to a good pizza shop and have a good value for money.

Some Places Where You Can Have a Good Slice of New York Pizza in New York

Introduction: New York has recently developed a good craving for the pizza, in the years after the 1950s, apart from the hamburgers and the hotdogs they are well known for since a century ago. Looking up to the demand for the pizza on the rise there have been many restaurants and eateries that have opened up in every nook and corner of New York. This has indeed made it difficult for locals and also the tourists, who would indeed like to have one of the best treats of their trip of the local cuisine, while here in the Big Apple as to where they would go to have it. So an international travel based website known as Tripsavvy based on their own research being done on various eateries in the New York City for the pizza-loving fellas have suggested some of the best restaurants in NYC.

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New York Style Pizza vs Chicago Pizza –which one is better?

What is New York Pizza Festival

Theories on the Uniqeness of the New York Styled Pizza

Restaurants: Lombardi’s Pizzeria – One of the oldest (established around the early 1900s) and is also the most well-known of all. The interior design of that bygone era still in place around there that is marked with checkered tablecloth laid on the tables as well as black and white pictures hung up on the walls. They still do use the old technique of the coal-fired ovens to cook the thin crust which was introduced to the city by the Italian immigrants. Pizzas in that era were being prepared with cheese on the crust with the cheese filled with sauce topping. This place would indeed give you a good run for money over the others. 


New York Pizza

New York Pizza

Lombardi’s Details

Address: 32 Spring St

Telephone: 212-941-7994

Neighborhood: SoHo

Subway: 6 to Spring Street




Grimaldi’s Pizzeria – It is also one of the oldest pizzerias along with the Lombardi’s situated in the town of Manhattan overlooking its skyline. They do have a quicker service time, unlike the others that do mean you do not have to wait for your pizza too long once you have crossed the line to the counter desk.

The pizza here is being cooked in a coal-fired brick oven that is what provides the pizza crusts the nice smoky savor for three minutes at the 900-degree oven. One of its signatories which is the Margarita pizza seasoned with San Marzano tomatoes, lately prepared mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, oregano and fresh basil.

Another attraction at this place that is not worth a miss is the Brooklyn Bridge.


Grimaldi’s Pizzeria Details

Address: 1 Front Street, Brooklyn

Phone: 718-858-4300

Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights

Subway: A/C to High Street in Brooklyn



New York Pizza
New York Pizza

L & B Spumoni Garden

Came up in the year 1939. It has casual outdoor seating as well formal inner dining space with the full menu of the pizza and other sides available. Their place is extremely family and kids friendly with a high chair for the kids as well as ample space for people who had come to satisfy their appetite – both with and without families to move around in the restaurant.


L & B Spumoni Gardens Details:

Address: 2725 86th Street, Brooklyn

Telephone: 718-449 -1230

Neighborhood: Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

Subway: D to 25th Ave; N to Avenue U or 86th Street


Websites: L & B Spumoni Gardens Website


Di Fara’s Pizza

One of the best pizzerias in New York in today’s date, Brooklyn’s pizza house offers both the square and also the traditional triangular pies. One of the primary attractions of this restaurant is watching the owner and indeed one of the pizza chefs in New York-Dom De Marco himself in person while he prepares the pizza for you.


Di Fara’s Pizza Details

Address: 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn

Telephone: 718-392-1222

Neighborhood: Midwood, Brooklyn

Subway: Q to Avenue J in Brooklyn

Di Fara’s is closed on Monday and Tuesday




Nick’s Pizza

Opening up in the year 1993, it is currently located in different locations –Queens and the Upper East Side. It uses gas-fired ovens to serve you with the crisp thin crust pizza. Their specialties included and are not limited to authenticate Italian cuisine and also local purveyors of ingredients.


Nick’s Pizza Queens Location Details

Address: 10826 Ascan Ave, Forest Hills, Queens

Telephone: 718-263-1126

Neighborhood: Forest Hills, Queens

Subway: E, F at 71st St-Continental Ave


Nick’s Pizza Upper East Side Location Details

Address: 1814 2nd Ave (94th St)

Telephone: 212-987-5700

Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Subway: 6 to 96th Street


Totonno’s Pizzeria

Established in the year 1924 and located on the Coney Island it is also among one of the oldest pizzerias in the NYC. They do still use the conventional coal oven to cook their pizzas so you do not miss on the traditional flavor. It is usually busy during the summer season s when the locals as well tourists flock to the Coney Islands which means longer waiting periods unlike winters when it is not so busy. One of the most important attractions in the area is the New York Aquarium that is located close by to this pizzeria which means you can immediately come here to dine in after you have had a visit to the aquarium.


Totonno’s Pizzeria Details

Address: 1524 Neptune Avenue in Coney Island, Brooklyn

Telephone: 718-372-8606

Neighborhood: Coney Island

Subway: D, F, N, Q at Coney Island-Stillwell Ave.



So among the pizza stops mentioned above, there are indeed more than you can also go and personally explore around on your next trip to New York that you may also like to have to sooth your appetite and satisfy your cravings.

Theories on the Uniqeness of the New York Styled Pizza

INTRODUCTION: It’s something in the water… or if nothing else that is the thing that they’ll have you accept. One of the most established hypotheses about New York City pizza is that the city’s faucet water is in charge of its predominant taste. Numerous Americans won’t not realize that here in the Big Apple, we’re nearly as glad for our water as we are of our pizza, and that the city has been adding fluoride to the water for over 50 years. Be that as it may, do fluoride and the other disintegrated solids and minerals truly have any kind of effect when pizza batter is being burnt at such high temperatures?

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Some Places Where You Can Have a Good Slice of New York Pizza in New York

HYPOTHESIS: Numerous keep on believing this myth, with a few pizzerias going so far as to import batter made in New York for utilize somewhere else, similar to Lamonica’s in Los Angeles. It’s a decent, clean hypothesis that doesn’t exactly do equity to the talented pizza culinary experts of New York. What’s more, it’s effectively exposed the minute you understand that Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza is likely a superior estimation of New York pizza than Lamonica’s, regardless of where they may get their mixture from.

New York Styled Pizza
New York Styled Pizza

Things being what they are there is no single authoritative answer concerning what precisely makes New York pizza so uncommon. It is a considerable measure like the exploration of rest or dark gaps or quantum mechanics — something that numerous have hypothesized about yet at the same time isn’t completely caught on.

One rising hypothesis is that the primary purpose behind New York City’s astounding pies isn’t the water, nor the fixings, but instead the stoves. New York pizza utilizes deck stoves that cook at greatly high temperatures and are frequently decades old. The thought is that like a decent cast-press skillet, the broiler assimilates the decades of cheddar and sauce vapor into its dividers and afterward grants it onto new pizzas that are cooked. This would clarify why Joe’s on Carmine Street in the city makes such a wonderful cut, yet its Santa Monica station — probably supplied with a more current deck stove — doesn’t exactly taste the same. This hypothesis likewise would appear to clarify why the huge number of $1 pizza joints, with their glossy new broilers, regularly create an extremely impartial, insipid cut.


Gavin Sacks, professor at Cornell University’s bureau of sustenance science, doesn’t support this hypothesis. “Will probably get remaining taste when you’re managing pollution,” he says. “In the event that you utilize a cleanser and don’t tidy it up the distance, the pizza you cook will presumably taste somewhat like the cleanser you utilized.” It is impossible, however hypothetically conceivable, he says, that a broiler could amass enhance mixes over many years of utilization. This thinking, nonetheless, likewise accompanies a stipulation: “In case you’re cooking pizza after pizza, the flavors are similar to the point that you wouldn’t have the capacity to recognize a distinction between another stove and an old broiler.” Sacks additionally trusts that any granted taste would to a great extent vanish after a decent cleaning. Also, we should all expectation that pizza puts in the city clean their broilers.

Mathieu Palombino, organizer of New York’s Neapolitan-style pizza eatery Motorino, sees the stove as a device that by need ought not change after some time. When he opened Motorino, Palombino purchased his broiler straightforwardly from one of the two noteworthy pizza-stove producers in Naples, definitely on the grounds that their broilers can convey steady, customary Neapolitan pizza over numerous years. Truth be told, these stoves have characterized the essence of Neapolitan pizza, and any change may be altogether unwelcome. Palombino’s hypotheses about New York pizza are relatively idyllic. “Possibly the tale of New York pizza is that it should have been made so rapidly that the batter is manipulated for less time, and this turned out to be a piece of the formula. Perhaps they were busy to the point that they expected to stick the batter with flour and it wound up less blended.” He additionally trusts that little, regularly neglected parts of a pizza joint may have a bigger influence in the cooking procedure than we may speculate. “It may be that the eatery gets to the correct temperature since it is the ideal size, or in light of the fact that the entryway is set in a specific area,” he muses.

To be sure, hypotheses like this may clarify why one of Palombino’s most loved cuts in the city, Patsy’s on 118th Street, has been around in a similar area for over 80 years, producing pie after pie of basic, clear flawlessness. Palombino compares it to the account of a ground sirloin sandwich bun culinary expert who, by need, stuffed his stove with loads of buns and later understood that doing as such included significantly more water vapor to the broiler, which altogether added to the buns’ mark taste — an outcome that could never have been conceivable had he cooked less buns at once. The style of New York pizza could very well be the place the enchantment happens.

New York Styled Pizza
New York Styled Pizza


Different hypotheses are significantly more rudimentary. Marc Bauer, ace gourmet specialist at the International Culinary Center, trusts that a far less difficult, far less theoretical power is behind great pizza: revise procedure and amazing fixings. The commitment of the yeast in the pizzeria’s air, the liquor created in the maturation procedure of the mixture, and the method of extending batter as opposed to moving it protects the structure of the rises in the batter and may in certainty be the establishment of the New York outside layer we cherish so beyond a reasonable doubt. “On the off chance that you utilize great Italian cheddar, and you focus on what sort of tomatoes you utilize and to what extent you cook it, it will all have a major effect in taste,” he includes. “Multifaceted nature originates from such a great amount: from the caramelization procedure, from the way it is put into the broiler.” Some places that are surged, Bauer recommends, may very well cook pounded tomatoes with a little garlic for thirty minutes, while others may season their sauces with more noteworthy consideration and cook them for a more drawn out time, yielding a wealthier, more refined item.

“A major slip-up I see a few spots make,” he says, “is utilizing a filthy stove. You see consumed bits at the base of the pizza, which is terrible.”

The juncture of components like the yeast noticeable all around and the way the mixture is blended may never have a sufficient effect in taste to eclipse quality fixings, be that as it may. Bobby Hellen, official culinary specialist at GG’s in New York, trusts that great pizza is to a great extent the result of good fixings. “What is important the most to me is the nature of flour individuals utilize,” Hellen says. He sources his from a plant in upstate New York and aversions the inescapable utilization of blanched flour.

In fact, New York pizza must have crunch and chewiness in all the correct places and ought to never be excessively raw. No contention can be made for minerals in New York’s water or the age of the stoves, for instance, when looked with such an incredibly evident difference between a rich, complex cut from Joe’s or Sal and Carmine’s, and a $1 cut from a place only a couple of squares away. “There’s a place close where I work that offers dollar cuts with shitty flour, shitty sauce, a ton of provolone and only a little mozzarella,” Hellen says, depicting the inexorably mainstream, oil filled foundations that line the avenues of the city.

Being that a dollar-cut place can work yards from a storied opening in-the-divider pizza joint — which apparently utilize water from similar pipes and offer a similar atmosphere — it is difficult to give any assurance to a large number of the heap legendary variables to which individuals so frequently characteristic the accomplishment of New York pizzas. Hellen calls this impact “immersion.” “You can discover a great deal of shitty pizza in New York,” he says, and surely he is correct. The way that we have pizza joints on relatively every corner just might be the fundamental reason we have any great ones whatsoever. With more than 100 years of pizza custom, unavoidably a few culinary experts will create a surprising cut. The sheer number of pizza places, alongside consolidated a long time of information and practice, prompts a lopsided volume of value pizza, skewing the presence of a whole industry and concealing the system of mediocre, anonymous pizza joints behind spots like Prince Street and Best Pizza.


Quality can persevere. Patsy’s was never the main pizza put in that little corner of Harlem, where today, it stands for the most part alone. The awful pizza of old New York has been lost to time. What stays from 80 years prior is the best — that which had the expertise to survive and to hack it out on the planet’s most unforgiving pizza atmosphere. It makes sense that the records of pizza history in 80 years time will bear no hint of spots like 2 Bros. The tale of pizza in New York, some may state, resembles the historical backdrop of writing: The world little notes the men of Elizabethan England who composed plays nearby Shakespeare.